As individuals who value privacy, we know a thing or two about it.

Our mission is to create world-class records management systems, and we can’t do that without your trust, so we’ve put all of our policy information below to show you exactly what data we collect from you and how we use that data to deliver the best, world-class experience we can.

Select one of the policies below to keep reading or scroll down to check out our privacy principles.

We believe in full transparency.  As a company providing service to you, we should be an open book, so here are the highlights when it comes to your personal information.

We collect your data through various sources such as our web site and promotions, and we use that information to help us provide the best possible experience for you.

To learn more about how we collect and use your data, along with your rights as a consumer, explore the sections above.


At SowCo Develops, privacy means:

  • We never monetize your data
  • We take strong measures to protect and secure your data
  • We use your data to make your experience better
  • We won’t reach out with promotions or marketing messages unless you have opted in, and you can always adjust your preferences
  • We put you in control, so you can access your information, object to it being shared or request that we delete it

We take privacy seriously, but more importantly, we take our relationship with you seriously.

Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy

At SowCo Develops, we take your privacy very seriously, and we never monetize your information; we use it to enhance your experience with opportunities like special promotions and nearby offers.

When it comes to your rights as a consumer, we want to make sure you have everything you need to make informed decisions.  You have the right to:

  • Know how your personal information is used;
  • Access, request, and receive the personal information we have collected in a portable manner;
  • Object to having your data sold or shared;
  • And request that we delete your personal data.

To submit a request via phone, contact +1-720-649-5715.  To submit a request via the web, click the “Make a Request” button below.