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A Variety of Ways to Connect

As a company that values options, we want to give you a variety of ways to connect:

  • You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • If you don’t follow social media, you can just view our news without logging in for the most recent updates or you can subscribe to our mailing list.
  • If you have an interest in record-keeping for homeschool, you can join our SowCo Develops Homeschool group on Facebook made just for you.
  • Join our community forum to learn, help and share experiences about SowCo Develops products and services with us and other users.
  • Contact us directly for any other needs.

Careers with SowCo Develops

Work Remotely from Home: the SowCo Develops Culture

We are a virtual company.  What this means is that all of our office tools used to conduct company business are cloud-based, and our team works remotely from their home office.  We are family owned and operated and strive to keep our operations small to pass on the savings to the customer.  As a result, team members may wear a number of hats working for SowCo Develops.  If you have experience in some or several of the following jobs, you may be a good fit for SowCo Develops:

  • Data entry analyst
  • Data transfer analyst
  • Programmer analyst
  • Database developer
  • Database administrator
  • Web site developer
  • Web site administrator
  • Social media analyst
  • Support and customer service representative
  • Sales and marketing analyst

We strive to be innovative in our infrastructure in an effort to maximize efficiency of internal operations.  As a result, SowCo Develops setup of our jobs varies greatly from the traditional office.  This means that even though your primary job may be a programmer analyst you will also have a role in customer support and social media analysis exclusively for the product that you develop.

Entry-level individuals looking to gain experience could find an ideal career with SowCo Develops, as we will provide on-the-job training to gain valuable skills for the workplace.  We will partner with you to succeed regardless of whether you remain with SowCo Develops or advance to opportunities with other companies.

Contact us for career opportunities.



Spread the Word

Do you like SowCo Develops product and service and know of others who may benefit from it too?  You can help spread the word through a plethora of options:

Everyone benefits from word of mouth marketing.  The more we sell, the stronger we are as a community to serve you.

Are you an OHR user?  There’s even more you can do to help spread the word and get more services built in for your Original Homeschool Records:

  • Tell your curriculum providers about OHR so that there is more syllabus data in the system from a growing number of providers.
  • Let the organizations to which you report your homeschool records know about OHR so we can develop more customized reports exclusively for them and you.
  • Tell your local homeschool conference and co-ops about OHR.

What other organizations do you know that will benefit from a partnership using OHR?  Facilitate them connecting with SowCo Develops for additional features and enhancements.

Thank you for your creativity, ideas and support.


Get to know us through what others say about our work

“Positive attitude, excellent work ethic, and quality data.”

- Judy

“You are the epitome of driven yet pleasant.  I always always value people that make my life easier, and you rank at the top of that list!  Thank you again for all of your hard work, late nights, early am’s, weekends...  It does NOT go unnoticed.”

- Sam

“Going above and beyond as always.”

- Tod

“Having you build automated QA checks for the ranked data has reduced the time from build to production.”

- Michael

“It is important to note not only her expeditiousness on this project, but also the quality of the work; no errors were found during the QA process.”

"Data integrity is key to any job she takes on.  She grasps the VOC and delivers on quality data and results...  Excellence is prevalent in every deliverable."

- Craig

“She has displayed an ability to quickly grasp additional programming skills to be extremely productive and she consistently goes about her work with a great attitude and professionalism.”

- Jim

"She took each task as a personal challenge to perform at the highest level and to always complete it on time and either on or under budget."

- Timothy

“Great job....  Not only did you answer his direct question, but anticipated further questions and gave him the supporting documentation he needed.  If only I could get everyone to think that way.”

- Dave

“She has done an excellent job of jumping in with both feet and making significant contributions, implementing many innovations and automations to make us both more efficient and accurate.”

“There is no mountain too high for her to climb... when she does not know how to do something, she willingly takes a look at something and has an amazing ability to teach herself new things and solve problems in a pinch.”

"Besides her technical knowledge and drive, I believe one of her greatest assets was her ability to create and document processes that were efficient and could be replicated by others as needed.  ...I knew that if we ran into any hardships during her absence, her documentation would clearly explain what needed to be done to rectify any problem."

- Timothy

"The quality of your work is outstanding.  I know that you make it a point to be sure that what ever you are producing is accurate and organized.  You bring a very desirable quality to the department...  We count on you to be the go to person for the products you support, and I must say you can be counted on."

- Michael

“She is dedicated and puts in long hours to make sure she is done with everything on schedule, and always has a positive attitude.”

“She has shown the capacity to learn, the desire to achieve, and the motivation to succeed… Her attitude of doing whatever it takes to complete a project embodies the spirit of a company that prides itself on quality and a ‘can-do’ attitude.”

"To find someone with so much integrity and skill is a rare find... exceptionally thorough, timely and professional.  She not only created a highly functioning website, she also spend a significant time educating us, so that we could manage it ourselves... a delight to work with and would HIGHLY recommend her services."

- Kristine

"Her six sigma mindset pushes her to make each and every task or duty turn into a project to get it right...  She continues to strive for optimization, problem solving, documentation, and structure for long term growth."

- Craig

"More than willing to assist in any manner possible to make all of our jobs easier."

"Complete and timely responsiveness to requests and followup... expertise in analytical understanding of customer's data."

"Good follow through with communication."

"She understood what business is all about.  She was well organized and thrived under adversity.  She kept a sharp eye on the bottom line, but realized too that customer satisfaction is what makes or breaks your business.  I suppose doing well in business is easy if you are as she was, driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency."

- Damien

"Very action oriented... creative and willing to explore new solutions to problems."

"Listens well, has great follow-through, displays a great deal of technical expertise, offers solutions."

"Continues to master the necessary programming skills to get the data into the database in the cleanest, quickest and most automated fashion available."

- Craig

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